Our company “SHANGHAI HAIYU LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.” was established in May, 2001. Our company is an inspection agency in specializing in life-saving & fire fighting in Shanghai. The company is existing 800 square meters factory, pier the middle along the Huangpu River in Shanghai- Fuxing Island, where is in lots of convenient transportation and radiation throughout the Port of Shanghai and the surrounding East China port. Our company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification of China Classification Society, also we won the Classification Society rescue, fire testing and certification of the MSA、CCS、ABS、KR etc. We get a Chinese fishing boat inspection bureau rescue, fire testing and certification. All employees of my company insist in the spirit of “quality first, honest service” quality policy, do a good job each repair business over the years, provide the dedication service for domestic and foreign ship owners, and won the praise of the competent authorities and ship’s owners. SHANGHAI HAIYU LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. Add: No:430, Gongqing Road,Yangpu District,Shanghai Tel: 021-65680981 Fax:021-65683782 Mob: 13701747241 E-mail: hy65680981@163.com
1、 Inflatable Liferaft & Lifeboat annual inspection。
2、 Fire fighting & safety equipment inspection、repair and recharge
3、 Supply ship stores & spare parts
4、 Professional manufacture of all kinds of vehicles、marine canvas products.
Approved by MSA、CCS、KR、ABS、ZY


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